All electrical devices in the workplace must be PAT tested. Once completing a round of PAT (portable appliance testing) tests, electrical devices will usually pass or fail. To ensure that workers and others are safe from potential harm, PAT testing labels will be applied to prior-PAT tested devices to provide a visual indication of their status.

Labels are easily identifiable and contain a unique identification code and numerous key indicator information, including pass/fail status, appliance ID, test/retest date, engineer initials and the company the engineer represents.

In today’s blog, we will look at the information usually present on PAT testing labels as well as the types of labels you may see.

Common Information on PAT Testing Labels

Pass/Fail Status

The most commonly and easily identifiable aspect of a PAT testing label will be whether the electrical appliance has received a pass or fail, during its most recent PAT testing date. Colour-coded, appliances that pass a PAT test will have a green label, whereas those deemed to have failed will have a red one and usually accompanied by the words do not use.

Appliance ID

Several PAT testing labels will have a space for an Appliance ID, typically in the form of a number: particularly helpful when a location – such as a workplace, school, university or server room – has several devices of the same type.

Test Date

Most PAT testing labels show the date of the previous test, identifying the month and year. Helpful if the test was more recent as it provides more reliable data to the engineer who is to complete the next PAT test.

Retesting Date

Many PAT testing labels will show an advisable date for the next PAT test. Though there are no legal obligations or requirements to conduct PAT tests, it is generally good to conduct PAT tests at least once per calendar year.

Engineer Initials

PAT testing labels will often contain a space where the test engineer conducting the PAT test can identify themselves via their initials.

Company Details/Company Logo

The engineer will often be a representative of an external company. If so, they will often have to record the company details – such as name and contact information – whilst also including a stamp of the company’s logo: good info to have if using an external company to conduct PAT tests.

Types of PAT Testing Labels

There are various types of PAT testing labels to suit differing requirements. As they have received revisions over the years, different types exist to make inspection and testing easier to identify and store digitally.

Barcode Labels

Often bespoke to a particular company, agency or individual contractor. Barcode labels will be applied so that specialised software can store and library relevant information remotely, cutting down on extensive manual paperwork and allowing for ease of access.

Pass/Fail Labels

Green for a pass, red for fail. As mentioned previously, pass/fail PAT testing labels will often be colour-coded for ease of visual inspection. They are often printed on hard-wearing vinyl and applied to devices via tough adhesive, ensuring they can only be removed deliberately.

Plug Top Labels

Designed to be placed on the lid of plugs, this PAT testing label will detail if a plug is safe to use.

Visual Inspection Label

Often blue, a visual inspection label will indicate that devices have passed visual inspection.

Quick-Pass PAT Testing Label

Designed to save time and money, quick-pass PAT test labels are useful when an engineer has to conduct lots of PAT tests in one location – requiring only two ticks to complete. The test is not any shorter, but the admin required is significantly quickened.

Microwave Leakage Labels

Orange in colour, these labels are designed to detail the amount of microwave emissions leakage.

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