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Fire Extinguisher Servicing is a very important aspect of your safety profile. Fire Extinguishers need to be maintained regularly to ensure they are working properly. Not only is this essential in case you ever need them, but it is the requirement of the business owner or person responsible for the building being used under BS 5306-3:2017. By law, this should be every year and Cardinal Fire can provide unparalleled service and come to your place of work, we provide fire extinguishers servicing that includes inspections and fire extinguishers testings in Coventry, Birmingham and other cities in the West Midlands and can advise or take any action required based on the results of the inspection.

Based in The West Midlands, Cardinal Fire Protection offers fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance to a wide range of businesses throughout all areas of Birmingham and across the West Midlands. We have years of experience providing top quality services for businesses and their fire extinguishers needs. Our team can test any type of fire extinguisher and will ensure that you meet all the requirements and stay protected.

Stay Compliant with the Fire Safety Legislation
As a business, you need to ensure that all of your fire extinguishers are properly serviced and maintained as stated under the Fire Safety Order 2005. You are legally required to test all of your fire extinguishers every 12 months. Regardless of where you purchase them from, fire extinguishers need to be commissioned by a qualified person. In addition, you also need to ensure that in case of an emergency, your fire extinguishers are fully functional and in the correct place of your environment.

Why do Fire Extinguishers need to be Serviced?
Regardless of the type, all fire extinguishers must be regularly inspected in order to determine whether their weight, pressure and signs of usage are in accordance with the legislation. The cartridge extinguishers will be opened up to be inspected and the weight of the cartridge is also checked. In addition, labels are also checked in order to ensure they are easy to read. Checking the dip tubes, hoses and mechanisms follow.

At Cardinal Fire Protection, we offer one of the most accessible rates across the West Midlands for servicing and testing your fire extinguishers. If you are looking for a reliable team of experts to ensure that your fire safety needs are met, give us a call or drop us an email. We are happy to discuss how we can best support your and your business.
Whether you require a fire extinguisher servicing or maintenance service, our experts are ready to ensure that your premises are fully protected and your fire equipment is ready to be used. Regardless of the size of your company or number of fire extinguishers, we will come to your premises and service your fire extinguishers.

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