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P.A.T Testing Birmingham

Defects in electrical appliances can develop with continued use, for this reason, UK regulations require appropriate maintenance as part of a companies health and safety responsibilities. Thankfully complying with this requirement is easy with P.A.T testing.

We have certified electricians who can come to you and perform a PAT test to all your portable appliances. For your health and safety conformity, tested appliances will receive a test sticker for any audit of you may undergo. 

Based in Birmingham, we provide support to businesses across the West Midlands. 

What is PAT testing?

The purpose of a Portable appliance testing or PAT is to ensure that companies are compliant with the Electricity At Work Regulations. During this test, all of your electrical appliances will be tested to ensure they are safe for use. The reason why they need this test is because, with time, electrical appliances can wear out and eventually get damaged.  

PAT Testing is usually a procedure added to the fire risk assessment in the workplace and it represents a measure that highlights a proactive approach to providing health and safety measures in the workplace. 

Who is the PAT Testing For?

Regular testing is an important part of your business that ensures your equipment is safe. Apart from businesses and offices, there are other bodies that need to ensure they comply with the regulations. School, landlords, care homes are also using appliances that need to be tested before their employees or tenants. It is important to note that any portable appliances with a mains plug are required to be tested. Some of the main ones include:

✔ Extension leads,

✔ On-site power tools,

✔ Sound equipment

✔ Audio and telephone equipment that use mains power

✔ Disco Lighting

✔ Kitchen appliances;

✔ Computers, monitors and other peripherals using mains power.


How often is the PAT Testing carried out?

The frequency of PAT testing depends on the work environment and the equipment that is used. Usually, the recommended time frame is 12 months. If you are unsure, it is better to give us a call and we’ll be able to asses the right time you’ll need a PAT testing. 



What happens during a PAT Testing?

Carried out only by specialists, a PAT Testing will involve the inspection of the plug and the specific equipment. 



Is a PAT Testing is going to affect my workplace?

Our specialist team will ensure that any disruptions will be kept to a minimum. With years and experience behind us, we have helped clients from different sectors and know how to best handle any type of environment. 


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